This SwatStore is developed by our trainees  by the guidance of  trainers using Java, Python, 3D Printing and Machine Learning. This is a great opportunity for kids to participate to develop applications and  take part in internal and external competitions. If you are interested in developing apps and/or participate in competitions 

We show case these products to our customers and will reach out to students involved .

    We have trained over 500 kids around the world. If your child is between 8-18 year old and want to join our elite teams to develop Apps please send us note here:


    RSS Feed Creator using Java

    RSS Feed Creator – A program which can read in text from other sources and put it in RSS or Atom news format for syndication.

    Game development using Pygame

    This step-by-step frame works allows you to develop games. If you are creative to develop fun games sky is the limit to develop games with this framework.

    Building a website using Python Flask

    You can develop any website instantly with this framework. Step-by-step instructions allow you to develop dynamic websites for e-commerce and website with animations and video gallery.

    Titanic:Machine learning from disaster : Python

    Using Python you could come up with scenarios where some of the victims could have been saved. This code uses data science techniques to predict differ outcomes based on different scenarios as input

    Data mining tools : Python

    This code parses different input format files (CSV, text, XML ) and process , cleanse and prepare for different database solutions

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